Long-term residency

Long residencies are meant for artists wishing to get involved in a community-oriented living while developing their own practice. Running and organizing this house becomes part of our lives, and we commit to it. From the point of view of the residents, this is also something we look for in applicants.

These residencies are awarded after application and a joint selection by the community of residents, together with Stiftung Freiraum e.V. and the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media (BKM). Those who are accepted will have a contract to live in the Vorwerkstift for two years, after that their contract is prolonged every year, for up to five years.

Application process:

Calls for applications are now open! You can download the application form below. Applicants are asked to send their portfolios or to hand them in personally at Stiftung Freiraum e.V.. Documents must arrive latest 17th of April 2024 at 6:00 PM.

Those who are selected after this first step will receive an invitation to an interview at Vorwerkstift. This will take place in the house, with the residents, members of the Stiftung Freiraum e.V. and a representative of the Hamburg Ministry for Culture and Media.

After this second step, the applicants will be notified in a timely manner whether they can move in and if so, which place they have on the waiting list.