About Galerie21

The Galerie21|Vorwerk-Stift has been an integral institution of the art-scape of Hamburg, hosting various events and exhibitions from artists all around the world and supporting a perpetuating and profound network through generations of resident-artists of the Vorwerk-Stift Art-House. Through the years, it became a vibrant meeting point of the Karolinenviertel.

We are located on the ground floor of the Artists’-House Vorwerkstift. Here, and in the surrounding garden, we have hosted exhibitions, concerts, music and comic festivals, artistic research formats, readings, rehearsals, performances, screenings, etc.

We have an annual program –which is done on the basis of an application happening in Fall every year– the subsequent selection is presented to BKM by our Gallery Team. The artists that are part of our annual program receive financial support from BKM.

We also have space for artists and shows outside of this annual BKM program. There is a year-round open application for non-BKM-exhibitions. As long as we have a free slot on our calendar, you are welcome to apply!

Be it a BKM show or a non-BKM show, in terms of organization, the procedure is the same. In order to facilitate communication with the house, it is important that you have a Host (someone inside the house you can easily be in touch with.) Notice the host does not work as a curator or a technician. You will get a general introduction, and more or less support, depending on availability. It is important for us that artists exhibiting here understand that it is a self-organized space.