Trees on T

Abstract black-and-white paintings (gouache, graphite and water on paper), capturing nature’s raw energy.

Trees on T is Leon Winkel (he/they), a metal vocalist, naming the sounds and aesthetics of heavy music a strong influence. Shown works cover the time period of starting his personal journey of social and medical transition (trees on testosterone), which adds another layer to his very first exhibition. Opening Performance featuring @cooperfrau.melissengeist with their harshnoise-setup, Jan (guitar) and Justin (drums) from @isore.blast

Galerie21 at Vorwerkstift @galerie21_vorwerkstift Vorwerkstraße 21, 20357 Hamburg

With the kind support of @pedrothecommunist (don’t miss out on his magic at @el_satanico_cumbion and @maschin_kaput ) and the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media.

Photo credits: Bettina Theuerkauf