General information

There are mainly two possibilities of residency at Vorwerkstift: a long residency, and a short one.

There are 22 available apartments for long-term residencies and 2 apartments for short residencies, plus a “Hotel” where we host exhibiting artists.

Each resident lives in their own flat, sharing common corridors, bathrooms (one on each floor,) and other common areas like the garden, and terrace. The attic serves as a communal Atelier, where all residents (including short-term residents) have a space to work. Further than that Vorwerk-Stift houses also a photography atelier, a wood workshop and a music studio that are available for all residents to use.

The applications are now open! Please refer to Long-term Residencies for more instructions.

Applications for short-term residencies are open all year round. Please refer to Short-term residencies to find out more.