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Joshua Cook & The Key of Now

Friday 13.09 @ 19h
Saturday 14.09 @ 12h
Sunday 15.09 @ 12h
Joshua Cook is an American troubadour of roots rhythm & blues, rock’n’roll, and rubber soul.
The Key of Now is the creative impulse by any other name.
Eureka! is an immersive audiovisual experience: the transformation of Open Studio into Exhibition.
Eureka is the Discovery.
Discovery is the Process.
Process is the Connection.
Connection breaks the Fourth Wall.
Arrival, Open Studio: Artist at work, applying final sonic brushstrokes to developed pieces in energetic collaboration with audience.
Departure, Exhibition: finished Series whose ultimate manifestation has been directly witnessed by all in attendance.
The Moment is the Key.
The Key is Now.
„I have found it!“
«Je l’ai trouvé!»
Ich habe es gefunden!

»Choi­ces Choi­ces you de­cide …«

Lizz Lunney (GB)

Friday 27.09 @ 20h
28.09. Samstag, 11 – 18 Uhr
29.09. Sonntag, 12 – 18 Uhr

Wer die­sen Ort auf­sucht, be­tritt einen rie­sig­en inter­ak­tiv­en Co­mic. Die Be­sucher­*innen sind da­zu auf­ge­for­dert, sich ihren Weg durch die Ge­schichte selbst zu suchen. Ganz in der Tra­di­tion der „Choose Your Own Ad­ven­ture“-Ge­schicht­en lässt diese Kon­zept­aus­stell­ung offen, wel­ches der Richt­ige ist. Wer Pro­bleme mit der Ent­scheidungs­findung hat, kann sich eine ge­druckte Ver­sion der Aus­stell­ung mit­nehm­en und in aller Ruhe zu­hause stu­dier­en.


»I like when they bother me«

Aski Dahl and Taru Kallio

Freitag, 4. Oktober um 18 Uhr
Freitag bis Sonntag: 14 bis 18 Uhr

/…/ I was thinking first that I’m stealing images for my own purposes but I thought again and I like to say that I borrow them /…/

/…/ how we position ourselves in relation to something which is silent, turned away from us or that only gives us enough information to partly understand it /…/


I like when they bother me is part of an ongoing collaboration between Taru Kallio and Aski Dahl. While both traversing the material and notional spectrums of the drawn image, their collaboration involves a continued correspondence of theory and practice. I like when they bother me is the first public suite of exchange between the two artists.

Aski Dahl (b. 1988 in Sweden) and Taru Kallio (b. 1986 in Finland) both graduated Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2017.