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Aktuelle Austellung

See_Saw #4

Installation, Objects, Paintings by Just Shout artist collective

Eröffnung: Freitag 30.10.2020: 17.00Uhr​
Öffnungszeiten Samstag/Sonntag 31.10.-01.11.2020: 17.00-20.00Uhr​

See-saw is the 4th Show of Just shout, a collective that was formed in 2019 that expresses the artists needs to share their process with their audience without necessarily arriving at final works but instead sharing research, prototypes of performances, works in progress and so on.
A See-saw only works if two parts allow themselves to be led by each other.
Just shout finds itself in the same position, always looking for balance through the presence and support of the other members.
Just shout collaborates with various artists including artists from the Vorwerkstift residency.

The exhibition will be shown under current Corona safety measurements.