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Irish Heritage

Jewgeni Roppel, Luis Alberto Rodriguez
06. – 08.03.2020

Luis Alberto Rodriguez and Jewgeni Roppel were selected for the Residency Program FUTURES in Ireland 2018 to work on the theme Cultural Heritage.
This residency was in a collaboration with PhotoIreland Foundation and
Cow House Studios. Futures is a new photography platform that pools the resources and talent programmes of leading photography institutions across Europe in order to increase the capacity, mobility and visibility of its selected artists.

Luis and Jewgeni regularly scheduled shoots in southeast Ireland and beyond, both making new bodies of work. Luis Rodriguez’s creates the series People of The Mud and Jewgeni Roppel his project Mothar.

Berlin-based US-Dominican artist Luis Rodriguez, focused in his series on the performative aspects of certain Irish traditions, specifically Gaelic Football and Irish Dancing. With a strong background as a dancer, he surpassed mere anatomic studies, playfully constructing instead a very personal language, derived both from the spontaneity of some
interactions and his choreographic experience.

Jewgeni is a Hamburg-based photographer who organised his time to visit the whole island of Ireland looking for aspects of Cultural Heritage, collecting fragments of the historical and mythical landscape of Ireland. Jewgeni aimed to construct a broad view of this country’s identity, offering
mysterious images and oftentimes abstracting from nature what of manmade there is.”