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The jelli Lab
07. – 10. März 2019

PATATA STARCH. The jelli Lab is an open meeting on how our mindbodies make sense and are sensing. The name of the lab is a melange of the romanic ‚patata‘ (in Italian used as a curse word for vulva) and the English word ‚starch‘, suggesting self-appropriation and collaborative exploration.

The three topics herbal medicine, quantum physics and fermentation are providing a frame work that can open up to any theme that we are busy with at the moment, be it personal, political, ethical, etc. Herbal medicine implies the (re-)discovery of (suppressed) knowledge, quantum physics suggest an entangled understanding of the universe, fermentation is a process of transformation. These topics can be interpreted as metaphors as well as a concrete, material practice. On the first meeting, Thursday evening, we‘ll install a schedule together depending on the interests of the people present. Everyone is welcome to propose an action. The slots can vary from proper 1,5 hour sessions to 4 hour explorations.

This is what could happen:
-planting seeds for the garden of Vorwerk-Stift
-wiggling our bodies in a jelli practise
-bathing our faces in steam and making sense of what is left in the steam bowls
-building stools with holes in the seat area and bathing our yonies in steam
-tea parties on how we can make herbal medicine a part of our daily lives
-seed exchange bar
-inventing and applying oracles and other sense making practices
-hildegardening (listening to music from Hildegard von Bingen and studying)
-setting up an exhibition for the weekend

Open to all species. Please register in advance and let us know at what times you are free to take part: thejellitriptych@web.de

More info and updated schedule for spontaneous visitors: