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Joshua Cook & The Key of Now

13. September – 15. September 2019


Joshua Cook is an American troubadour of roots rhythm & blues, rock’n’roll, and rubber soul.

The Key of Now is the creative impulse by any other name.

Eureka! is an immersive audiovisual experience: the transformation of Open Studio into Exhibition.

Eureka is the Discovery.
Discovery is the Process.
Process is the Connection.
Connection breaks the Fourth Wall.

Arrival, Open Studio: Artist at work, applying final sonic brushstrokes to developed pieces in energetic collaboration with audience.

Departure, Exhibition: finished Series whose ultimate manifestation has been directly witnessed by all in attendance.

The Moment is the Key.
The Key is Now.

„I have found it!“
«Je l’ai trouvé!»
„Ich habe es gefunden!“