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Hiroyuki Abe
Fumi Kato
Miku Sato

»Findet mich die Welt?«
17. – 19. Mai 2019

Hiroyuki Abe
*1985 in Tochigi, Japan
2011 MAF at Musashino Art University, Tokyo

Graduated from Master of Fine Arts of the Musashino Art University in 2011, Hiroyuki Abe participated in several exhibitions and residencies including Nakanojo Biennale, Saga University.
Abe recently attempts to provide a visualized story of unexpected encounters to specific places by carefully observing local histories and remaining objects, as well as assimilating suspicious statistics or contingency which are specific or isolated to its environments. He then uses his perspectives to create mixed-media installations, which often involve videos and performances.

Fumi Kato
*1985 in Japan
2019 Meisterschüler at Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig

Fumi Kato’ s recent works address the topics of the belongings of individuals and the
belongings of their stories. She relocates moving images and words from the
everyday reality into another context and builds inter-disciplinary poesies.
Kato was born in Tokyo in 1985. She currently lives and works in Leipzig.

Miku Sato
*1985 in Japan, Miku Sato completed her Master of Film and New Media Studies from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2019.
In 2013, she was a guest resident of Matadero Madrid in Spain, as an exchange artist of Tokyo Arts and Space.
In 2016, she was selected to participate in GoneWest project in Brugge, Belgium.
In 2017, she was selected to participate in Port Journeys in Frise Künstlerhaus, Hamburg, Germany.

Her practice is based on her fieldwork of specific places, where she starts up a project with the local people she selects.
Through video, installation and people’s participatory action, she explores new perspectives and alternative possibility of relationship between individuals and the world as well as passivity and proactivity in society.
Her quest is to compose her own new narratives to retell the past and present together under a different light.