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Moshtari Hilal
„the angle of a phallus is equal to the angle of a nose“
14 – 16. April 2018

Moshtari Hilal studied Middle-Eastern-Studies and politics in Hamburg and focused on postcolonial theory and feminist intellectual history. With her body of often semi-autobiographical work, she aims to generate an understanding for the complexity of marginalized identities and offer an alternative visual language. Her drawings exist in between complex documentary and surreal symbolism, as well as in between theory and therapeutic detailed pattern work, while embodying analogue handwork exposed on digital platforms. Her portraits explore the possibilities of beauty and storytelling within a political environment through faces. The work of Moshtari Hilal was on display in Germany, Afghanistan, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Canada and was also printed in local and transnational publications as The Carton, OOMK, Missy Magazine, das Kursbuch, Das Wetter.