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Ellakajsa Nordström / Ylva Trapp
„Three hundred thousand kilometers per second“
26 – 27. Januar 2018

What does a T look like?
What is sight?
How does the light travel into the eye?
What is time?
What does the letter A feel like?
What is light?
What kind of a room is a blank white A4-paper?
Can we hear the sound of the letters when we read quietly?
What is the physical weight of a sentence?

An installation by Ellakajsa Nordström and Ylva Trapp including video, photo, sculpture and sound.

Ylva Trapp (b. 1981, Uppsala) and Ellakajsa Nordström (b. 1979, Gothenburg) have, in addition to their individual practices, worked collaboratively since 2009. They create installations, sound pieces and performances in which they explore language acquisition, translatability and phenomenology. Their works exist somewhere between the digital and the physical space, where words can get lost or are retold, where images can multiply in projections and reflective surfaces, and where signs and letters can become objects to hold, touch, or moved around in an an ever changing attempt to communicate.

Ylva is a graduate from Konstfack (The University College of Arts and Crafts) in Stockholm and from Umeå Art Academy in Sweden, and Ellakajsa graduated from Oslo Art Academy and Central Saint Martin’s in London. Their collaborative work has been exhibited at Halka Art Space and Imc 5533 in Istanbul (TR), at Konsthall C in Stockholm (SE), at Vandaler Kunstforening in Oslo (NO), at IASPIS in Stockholm (SE) and at PAO Performance Festival (NO).

www.ylvatrapp.se www.ellakajsanordstrom.com