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Paula Elgarrista
”Epojè – Sound installation –”
6 -7. May 2017

Epojè – Sound installation – work in progress by Paula Elgarrista / Limbo Polett

Paula Elgarrista is a sound artist from Argentina based in Norway.
She works with filed recording, creating sort of landscapes, Lo-Fi.

In this exhibition she presents what she was working in the Vorwrkstift residence.

Based on the concept of Epochè, that implies putting aside the question of the actual existence of a contemplated object, she displays two chapters of her experiment with this concept.

One as a result of her a collaboration with Mariana Pellejero, visual Artist from Argentina, who was invited to develop an interpretation in this idea of epochè over a sound recording.

Another as a sound video installation that was a result of an experience working with specific materials, action, and recording where an ax was the connection between a world of ideas and objects.

For this part, she also had works with the active collaboration of Elena Friedich in the making of the video, ideas and on how this experiment was developed.

Paula Elgarrista

Marian Pellejero

Das Objekt – ES – existiert in meinem Kopf

Du hörst mir nie zu, wo ich Dir zuhöre

Du siehst mich mich nie, wo ich Dich sehe

Zwei Kapitel

„Trash Wald“ – eine Ausstellung von Paula Elgarrista

„Lmdi Lmdi“ feat. Mariana Pellejero