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Justyna Smidowicz / Simeon Melchior
14 – 15. Mai

Masks – Simeon Melchior
Masks as motif. What form can a mask have? What does it show and what does it hide? Which stories can masks witness or unveil?
Continuously new projects emerge approaching the subject »Mask«. A first part of this ongoing process is shown in the Galerie 21.

Exercises – Justyna Smidowicz
The work Exercises consists of a set of photographs with descriptions. The photographs have been taken spontanously with compact analogue camera and with no composition or light interference (except the authomatic use of build-in flash).
The photographs are a part of mjuii project, initiated in 2012 and available for viewing at http://mjuii.tumblr.com/.
Alongside each photograph there is a description of what the photograph features. The description has been placed on a piece of paper of the same size as the photograph. The descriptions have been written in Polish and translated to German for the purpose of the exhibition.
What can you see and how can you describe it? Which words and grammar structures to use to describe it most accurately? Is what you see compatible with what the photograph features? Is visual language translatable?